The Fox Ridge Homes Association (FRHA) is an association of Fox Ridge Homeowners that is: of the people, by the people and for the people of Fox Ridge.

The FRHA is a Not-For-Profit Corporation under New York State Corporate Law.

The FRHA owns and maintains association owned property (common areas) within the Fox Ridge Subdivision.  An example of common areas are the landscaped lots adjacent to the subdivision entrances.

A responsibility of the FRHA is to enforce the Covenants and Restrictions set forth in the Declaration.  To review the Declaration, See the “Fox Ridge Declaration” sub-menu tab.

Any owner of a lot in the Fox Ridge Subdivision is a member of the FRHA.

The FRHA members nominate and elect Directors on the Board of Directors as governed by the By-Laws of the FRHA.  Each lot owner (family) has one vote.

The Board of Directors are Fox Ridge homeowners who volunteer their time and expertise.  The Directors do not receive compensation for their services.

The business and affairs of the FRHA are managed by the Board of Directors.  There are 7 Directors on the FRHA Board.  The term for each Director is for 2 years, with alternating or offset terms – every year 3 or 4 Directors are elected, and the next year the remaining.

The FRHA has Officers that are members of the Board of Directors.  The Officers are elected by the Board.  The Officers are elected annually.  The Officers include the: President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer.

Each of the Board members has defined responsibilities which can be viewed by residents after they log in to this website and navigate to Privileged Info.

Residents may also view a profile of each Board Member after they log in and navigate to Privileged Info, as well as the FRHA Strategic Plan.